Courthouse Chic: The Style Trick Used By Celebs in Legal Trouble

Crime Comments

It’s not breaking news that celebs in the spotlight are hounded by paparazzi whenever they have a slip up. Repeat offenders, from the A list on down, gain publicity as cameras explode when they strut into the courthouse. Images that surface from their court appearances seem to have as much impact as a red carpet premiere.

Inspired by this month’s Crime Issue, we took a look at the outfit choices of stars in trouble. We noticed that looking good isn’t the only thing they have on their minds, turns out there’s one overarching trend on the walk of shame—wearing light neutrals, often white. The color has an almost innocent quality (or so they hope), when in front of the jury. Lindsay Lohan, JLo, Winona Ryder, Amy Winehouse, Chris Brown, Naomi Campbell, and Paris Hilton all took a shot at the great white way.

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