An Update on The Mitrice Richardson Case


“I am speechless,” commented Reesee2003 after coming across Mike Kessler’s September 2011 feature, “What Happened to Mitrice Richardson?,” about the death of a young African American woman whose body was discovered a year after L.A. County sheriff’s deputies turned her loose in the middle of the night near Malibu. “I will keep [her family] in my prayers. I will also continue to follow this story.” So will we. In fact, we have an update for you now:

In its follow-up report, the Office of Independent Review cited poor communication as the reason deputies preempted coroner personnel by removing Richardson’s body from the scene.

Also, a reexamination of Richardson’s body failed to reveal the cause of death. Citing costs, officials declined to test bug-egg casings on her body to help pinpoint the location and time of death.

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  • Puddinlicious

    I know this is a old case but I just happened to see it on the ID channel. When I saw the video of her on ID channel when it shows her at the police station on the video that they finally release to the family. In the video I found that it was strange when she was standing in the door way of the cell her activity did seem strange. If the alleged arresting officer stated that he found marijuana in her car and when asked she stated that it belong to her. Now if that was a true part of the story that they reenacted on the ID channel. If the alleged arresting officers found her behavior to be strange why didn’t they test the marijuana to see if it was laced with LSD since she was not intoxicated. I am not stating that Mitrice was on drugs ,but dealers tend to lace marijuana to get you addicted and keep you as a potential buyer. If that is true that the marijuana was laced with LSD,LSD can cause you to have hallucinations it can cause you to want to strip and take off your clothes and also be disorient. And when the alleged arresting officer check her car for her wallet like she requested I believe they overlook it because they just wanted a reason to take her to jail. And as a result that her wallet was overlooked I believe out of spite that the manager Had her car towed just because she didn’t pay her bill. And then when they stated that she was seen roaming in someone’s backyard did they think to question the person yard who she was wondering in. I believe that if they would’ve kept her on a 24 hour hold if they felt like her behavior was strange I believe that if they would have sent her for A site evaluation or hospitalization I believe they would’ve found LSD in her system for the marijuana that was found in her car. She probably thought that she purchased normal marijuana. I agree that the sheriff department handle her case wrong and it could have been handle better. When a person is high on LSD it can give off the impression that a person is intoxicated went in fact they’re not. If the sheriffs department would have done their job and kept her overnight for observation as a result this case would have not ended in her death. If you look up the effects of LSD I really believe that it played a strong facter in her death.

  • Puddinlicious

    And also be that the only found her skeletal remains they really didn’t have a body to do a toxicology report on but I guarantee if they had a body to do a toxicology report on they would’ve found LSD in her system. Her describe behavior fit LSD use. She wasn’t bipolor she had just graduated for psychology I think she would’ve known if she was bipolor. I think the sheriff department knew the cause of her behavior as result from finding marijuana they just didn’t care because she was African American .