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    Miller joined Los Angeles magazine in March 2012. She edits magazine features, cover packages, and the Buzz section as well as oversees editorial development in print and online. Prior to joining Los Angeles, she was West Coast editorial director at Fast Company and a senior editor at Wired, where she covered the intersection of culture and technology. Before that, Miller was a music and film writer for Entertainment Weekly and a producer/correspondent for KCRW. Over the course of her career, she’s lived with Ozzy Osbourne, served as a juror at the Sundance Film Festival, and been a contestant on The Price Is Right! Her favorite neighborhood in Los Angeles is Fairfax Village.


The Power Playbook: Barre

What It Is
➝ A combination of ballet (hence “barre”), Pilates, yoga, and low-impact aerobics, barre workouts are a variation on a regimen that emerged in the 1960s, when German dancer Lotte Berk, looking for a way to gently nurse a back injury, came up with a series of exercises. Early acolytes included Joan Collins and Britt Ekland, which we’d call a stamp of approval. Some of the leg lifts and deep pliés can leave your legs shaking like a Chihuahua’s, but movements can also be so subtle, you’re not sure that much is happening on the outside. It is.  Read more...
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