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    In 1996, Mozena created the party pages (The Seen) for Los Angeles, and she now fields multiple event invitations every day. In addition to blogging and writing the online Seen column, she has written service features for the magazine and contributed to the Street Smart column and to Best of LA. Before joining Los Angeles, the University of Iowa graduate served an internship at Good Housekeeping in New York and a brief stint at the L.A.-based LFP Publications (Hustler, Busty Beauties, SWAT— which isn’t about what you think), where, she says, she “learned a lot about the First Amendment.” Follow her party adventures on Twitter at @karimozena.


The SEEN: Chrysalis Expands Downtown

I’ve been covering Chrysalis’s big fundraiser, called The Butterfly Ball, for years in the SEEN. It is an uber-fancy affair set at impressive manses all over town that raise dough for the non-profit. Chrysalis is dedicated to helping homeless and low-income people by providing job training and the resources needed to find and retain employment. Their fundraising galas are fancy, star-studded affairs. The shindig for the multi-million dollar expansion and renovation of the org’s Downtown facility was definitely a smaller todo, but what it lacked in glitz it made up for in heart. Supporters mingled and heard success stories from clients like Kenneth Barfield and Lanita Fields. “If you utilize the program to the fullest, it will work for you. This facility is a ray of hope,” said Barfield.   Read more...

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