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Jesus Christ, Super Meme

Thanks to the miracle of social media, sunglasses-sporting Jesus impersonator Kevin Lee Light has gone from being just another West Hollywood oddball to human meme. Read more...

A Not So Funny Cancer Conversation with Fran Drescher

After beating uterine cancer and founding Cancer Schmancer, Fran Drescher is not just after a cure—she's out to revolutionize your household Read more...

Afternoon Cram: Prop 8’s Next Day in Court

Supreme Court To Rule on Same-Sex Marriage Case in 2013
The high court hearing raises the stakes for all.

A Better L.A., Brought To You By _________.

Four companies partnering with local non-profits to improve Los Angeles this holiday season. Read more...

It’s Back to Business At the L.A. Port

An eight-day worker’s strike that crippled the nation’s busiest port complex came to an end this morning. Read more...

Giving Back: Where to Volunteer on Thanksgiving Day

It’s one thing to stuff yourself on Thanksgiving Day. It’s a whole different ball game to fill someone else's plate. Here's where you can make a difference this week. Read more...