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    Leibowitz has written major profiles of Eli Broad, Rick Caruso, and Charlton Heston, among other subjects, for Los Angeles. He received his master’s degree from Columbia University Journalism School, where he was the recipient of the magazine writer award. The City and Regional Magazine Association named his account of convicted “eco-terrorist” Billy Cottrell as one of the best features of 2006. He has written for The Atlantic, Smithsonian, Men’s Journal, the Guardian, Time Asia, Money, BusinessWeek, and the New York Times.


The LAUSD Needs An Operating System Upgrade, Not iPads

Why the district’s program to furnish every student with a high-end tablet is a case study in warped priorities Read more...

Is the LAUSD’s Take-Charge Superintendent Charging Off?

John Deasy’s legacy—not to mention his tenure in Los Angeles—is up in the air Read more...

Not Just Another Day at the Beach: An L.A. Kid Takes His First Dip in the Pacific

Cloudless, balmy with a gentle breeze, it’s perfect beach weather—even on skid row. On this Saturday morning Luis Carillo and his mother, Elvia, await their ride. This is the first time she’s ever taken him to the Pacific Ocean. Read more...

Today's Lesson: The Election of Teacher Monica Ratliff to the LAUSD School Board — A Declaration of Educational Independence

Monica Ratliff, a fifth grade elementary school teacher, faced a single opponent in Tuesday’s runoff election for an open seat on the LAUSD school board. However, her narrow victory was not merely over 31-year-old political operative Antonio Sanchez. Read more...

Our 2017 Endorsement: Garcetti Deserves A Second Term

Ed Leibowitz imagines a future Los Angeles transformed by the new mayor-elect Read more...

Villaraigosa's Lasting Legacy: You Fail Sometimes

Los Angeles magazine writer-at-large Ed Leibowitz reimagines the off-script remarks in the mayor's final State of the City address Read more...

The Magic Castle Goes For the Big Reveal

Hollywood’s exclusive escape has suddenly become hip—and a hot film industry property—at 50. Read more...

Dodgers File for Bankruptcy

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