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  • Chris Nichols

    Associate Editor

    Nichols joined Los Angeles magazine in 2000 and brings a historical perspective to the magazine with pieces on lost neon, vintage road trips, and the last elevator operator in L.A. Nichols writes the Ask Chris column and recently wrote a book about Los Angeles architect Wayne McAllister.



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Lights, camera, and a change of action: The noir crime drama Gangster Squad was originally set for release last September, but after the horrific events in Aurora, Colorado, during the screening of The Dark Knight Rises in July, a grisly shoot-out sequence filmed inside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (which was featured in Squad’s pre-Dark Knight trailer) seemed in bad taste. Warner Bros. decided to move the release date to January 11 and remove the scene altogether. In the revised version Grauman’s is out and Chinatown is in. Read more...

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