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    Alison Martino is a writer, television producer and personality, and L.A. pop culture historian. She founded the Facebook page Vintage Los Angeles in 2010. In addition to CityThink and VLA, Martino muses on L.A’s. past and present on Twitter.


Vintage Los Angeles: Wild Times at the Safari Inn

Burbank's landmark hotel is both a piece of the past and the pop-culture present Read more...

Back to Basics: Why the Academy Awards Should Return to the Music Center

Oscar night used to be cinema’s coolest cocktail party thanks in large part to the downtown performance space, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year Read more...

Vintage Los Angeles: How Go-Go Dancing Took Off at The Whisky

The world-famous club’s success? It all happened by accident Read more...

Vintage Los Angeles: The Tragedy of Hamburger Hamlet

The Pasadena location of the once legendary Sherman-Oaks chain is shuttering tonight, leaving just one outpost standing Read more...

Vintage Los Angeles: The Hidden Remains of Chasen’s Restaurant

Turns out not everything from Chasen's—the Beverly Boulevard hangout of Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, and Clark Gable—has been lost for good. PLUS: How to score a hot serving of Chasen's original recipe chili this week Read more...

Vintage Los Angeles: It’s Christmastime at The Capitol Records Building

The company will flip the switch on its historic tree this evening Read more...

Vintage Los Angeles: The Moose is Loose!

Mysteriously missing for months, the Rocky and Bullwinkle statue that once stood on Sunset Blvd. has been spotted at last Read more...

Vintage Los Angeles: Sunset Stripped

In the summer of 1958, Dean Martin and his business partner, Maury Samuels, bought a former restaurant called The Alpine Lodge and renamed it Dino's Lodge. Here's what happened after that Read more...
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