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Obamacare is Coming! How L.A. County Is Preparing

Los Angeles County tops the list of the world’s largest healthcare systems; now it is preparing to meet the medical needs of millions of uninsured Angelinos by 2014

Los Angeles County released a video yesterday detailing their efforts to prepare for President Obama’s health care reform taking effect in 2014. Turns out some changes are already well underway.

County departments are looking at Obamacare as an opportunity to do what they have longed to do for some time: provide more people with comprehensive healthcare coverage. Many uninsured patients seek care too late, or worse, do not seek care at all when they are in desperate need of medical attention.

“Before now people who came in with a mental illness would be told you have an illness, and your condition could improve if you got treatment,” said Dr. Mar Southard, Director of Mental Health of Los Angeles County. “But we would say, we don’t have room. Please come back.”

Now, in preparation for the massive changes in healthcare taking effect in 2014, county departments have focused on preventive care treatment, increasing the number of the appointments physicians take in, and improving appointment turn around time. As a result, physicians across Los Angeles County have been able to better serve those who will be covered under Obamacare, those historically told to “come back.”