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This Week in L.A. History: L.A. Scores First Super Bowl Victory

January 22, 1984

One season after relocating from Oakland, the Los Angeles Raiders prevail over favored Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVIII, held in Tampa, Florida.

In their fourth Super Bowl appearance, the Raiders outscored the Redskins 38-9, scoring the largest margin of victory by any team in Supper Bowl history. The Washington Redskins were favored to win. The reigning Super Bowl champions boasted the best regular season record and had beaten the Raiders earlier in the season. But the Raiders set the tone of the game with an early 7-0 lead; by halftime the L.A. team was winning 21-3. The Redskins scored again in the second half but continued to trail from behind for the remainder of the night.

NFL films dubbed Super Bowl XVIII “Black Sunday” for the black-jerseyed Raiders’ landslide victory over the defending champs. The CBS broadcast of the event reached over 77 million viewers and is remembered for airing Apple’s famous “1984” commercial, which introduced the company’s Macintosh computer. The broadcast of “1984” during the third quarter transformed Super Bowl commercials into a cultural sensation.

Super Bowl XVIII marked the Raiders’ third and last Super Bowl win to date, and the only Super Bowl victory enjoyed by an L.A. team. In 1995, the Raiders returned to Oakland, the same year the Los Angels Rams relocated to St. Louis.