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"The Women of L.A.": A.K.A. How Not to Get a Date on V-Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, a time for celebrating love or harping over its absence. This year DJ Lubel, backed by '90s stars Pauly Shore and Jaleel White, is doing the latter, and he’s pegging the blame for his unsatisfactory love life squarely on L.A. women. That's right: It's not his nebbishy appearance, his shallowness or his sideways baseball cap that's preventing DJ Lubel from pulling the honeys—it's the Women of L.A. OK, so his raunchy music video (below) is clearly a spoof—and it’s funny enough to have already garnered more than 500,000 hits on YouTube and counting—but when it comes to his shallow, sexist, and racist depiction of local ladies, we sincerely beg to differ. So, apparently, do these viewers who hit back on Twitter:

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We’ve got only this to add: BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME. #RejectedCandyHearts


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  1. real people posted on 02/20/2013 04:11 AM
    Hmm.... 900,000 youtube viewers vs. 3 disgruntled twitter users, including one who makes jokes about using violence to stop Lubel from talking (Domestic Violence much?) ....

    Yeah, clearly people hate the message.....yeah.
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