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Dodger Thoughts: July Isn't September

It feels like this weekend's three-game series in San Francisco could really knock the Dodgers for a loop, that they're a Bay Area hop, skip and jump away from a six-game losing streak and a six-game deficit in the National League West with two months to go in the season.

Two months ago today, the Giants fell 7 1/2 games behind the Dodgers. Since that time, they have gained 10 1/2 games in the standings.

Should it become necessary, the Dodgers might not make a similar rally, but they could. San Francisco is not invulnerable.

Any week can look grim, even a week that brings the arrival of a new player in Hanley Ramirez, when Matt Kemp isn't hitting and Clayton Kershaw isn't pitching. The Dodgers, however flawed, are not performing at their peak.

If the Dodgers start winning this weekend, so much the better for them. But don't let anyone tell you this weekend's games are make-or-break.  Year after year, I've seen fortunes change too quickly for anything to be decided in July.

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