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Character Driven: The 8 Best, Worst, and #@$&*-ist Celebrity Political Tweets

As we near November, the celebrity political tweet (or the CPT) has become  more rampant. Before Twitter, you had to simply wonder where say Zach Braff stood on tax loopholes. You might even have asked yourself, "Who is Snoop Dogg (Sorry, "Snoop Lion") voting for?" Well now the political opinions and voting preferences of celebrities are crystal clear. Well maybe not always crystal…   

We're here to help with a handy guide to the four basic CPT categories: 

Well-Intentioned But Spelling-Challenged
This celebrity tweeter is one of the most common. They make thoughtful (and sometimes beautiful) political observations, but either they don't believe in spell-check or they're spewing so quickly they don't have time to use it.  For example: 


The Confused
While this CPT-type really wants to get involved, they don’t have all the data necessary to make informed political decisions (despite their apparent access to the Internet). In this example, Ms. Lohan responds to President Obama's tweet about tax cuts for the middle class. (Note: this tweet was later removed.) 


And here, Mark Cuban seemingly tweets in the middle of a thought…


The Opportunistic Meme
When a political figure says or does something of note (e.g., that they're planning to destroy Big Bird) and a savvy Twitter user jumps quickly to launch a voice of opposition. 


The Clint Eastwood chair tweet serves as an example for both the Opportunistic Meme AND the F-Bomber. Kudos! 


The F-Bomber
Just like the rest of us, CPTs can get passionate and heated, especially when it comes to politics. No explanation necessary.

Insightful or just plain bewildering, I can't remember a world without celebrity political tweeting. And frankly, I don't want to. Now if only I could predict the next big meme…