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Veterans File Suit Against West L.A. Veterans Association

Homeless veterans banded together on Wednesday to file suit against the Department of Veterans Affairs for misuse of its West Los Angeles property. Alleging that the West L.A. campus failed to provide them with housing and treatment, the veterans want to bring attention to the large proportion of homeless vets in Los Angeles. An estimated 107,000 veterans are homeless. 8,200 reside in this city. L.A. also has more chronically homeless veterans than any other city.

Many of the 100 buildings on the West L.A. facility are vacant or underused. Previously, the campus served as a permanent housing facility and provided services for disabled veterans, but the VA converted many of the buildings to serve other purposes.

The suit alleges that the use of VA space under an “enhanced sharing agreement” removes land that could be used to house veterans otherwise homeless. A private school, UCLA, and Enterprise Rent-a-Car currently occupy the property.