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Twinkies Return, Angelenos React

      The world has gone eight months without a Twinkie. I think we’re all still OK. When Hostess shut down their plants last November, they sparked a frenzy of Ho-Ho hoarders. Today, the new Hostess releases Twinkies and chocolate cupcakes, the first two brands in a comeback that will roll out through the summer. The treats are no longer manufactured in Los Angeles, but the first batches arrived this weekend.  I was able to score a box of Twinkies and offered them to a cross-section of Angelenos. Here are their reactions.

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      1. Dawn posted on 07/16/2013 03:06 PM
        ohforgodsakes... where did you FIND these people?!?!? Hilarious!
      2. congressive posted on 07/16/2013 05:23 PM
        Union busting garbage. Management intentionally drove it into the ground to bust up the assets and screw hard-working union bakers right here in Los Angeles. If Angelenos have any respect or affection for this great city, they should avoid Twinkies like the bad smell that they've become.

        I love this town, but it's being looted by banksters. Oh, BTW, they're smaller so you pay the same for less. So much for unions adding costs. And they have double the shelf life, so enjoy those double doses of artificial preservatives. While you can.
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