Afternoon Cram: Pleitez Joins The Clique

There are now five major players in the mayoral race and everything else you need to know from today’s local news headlines

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Emanuel Pleitez Invited To KPCC Mayoral Debate After All
Count him in.

D.A.: It’s Likely Chris Brown Faked His Community Service
Giving bad guys a bad name.

Two High School Seniors Lose Fingers In Bizarre Tug-of-War Accident
Nine fingers were detached in all.

Elite Unit of LAPD Trained to Recognize When Someone is High
Like a straight-laced sibling, but with the power to arrest you.

Man Struck and Killed by MTA Bus in West Hollywood
This happened around midnight last night.

Pew: 61% of Facebook Users Go On Social Media Hiatus
Status: Bored or busy.

Report: L.A. is the 2nd Most Traffic-Jammed City in U.S.
So remember, it could be worse.

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