Stan Lee

Stan Lee is Not Actually Selling His Home, Per Se

The comic book master clarifies one point about the real estate property that just hit the market

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Union Station’s Renovation Plans Pick Up Steam

Metro’s long-term vision for the 75-year-old transit hub has moved into the implementation stage


The Connection Between VH1 and 36 Classic Corvettes

In 1989, the network gave away three dozen Corvettes to one lucky winner

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A Walker in L.A.: Seeing the CIty from the Ground Up

Yosemite and Wiota, Eagle Rock

A Utilitarian Treasure

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Ecstasy in the 2nd Street Tunnel

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Scene It Before: L.A. on Screen


Scene it Before: The Fortuneteller’s House from Phantasm

An abandoned property in Woodland Hills played a decrepit residence in the 1979 horror flick

The Kimberly Crest house in 2013

Scene it Before: The Kimberly Crest House from Hell Night

A Redlands landmark played an abandoned mansion in the 1981 horror classic


Scene it Before: Phil’s Halloween Open House from Modern Family

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Larry Zarian Transportation Center,
400 W. Cerritos Ave., Glendale.
Elapsed Time: 87 years

Larry Zarian Transportation Center, Then and Now

See a snapshot of the L.A. landmark from 87 years ago


Battery Barlow-Saxton Then and Now

The decommissioned army station in San Pedro has a star-studded history


The Los Angeles Sanitarium Then and Now

What is now City of Hope once housed those afflicted by tuberculosis