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Where to Spot Greene + Greene Homes with Curious Pasts

These buildings may be the work of the Craftsman architects, but in recent years they’ve been tinkered with

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Christopher Hawthorne and Friends Discuss the Future of LACMA’s Black Blob

At a “Third Los Angeles” talk, architecture critics disagreed on merit of Peter Zumthor’s design for the museum’s new building


Open Now: Hollywood’s Gilmore Gas Station Starbucks

Highland and Willoughby is now a much nicer place


Hike Beneath the Original 6th Street Bridge Before It’s Gone

L.A.’s Urban Rangers are going down to the river this weekend—and you’re invited

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Vintage Los Angeles

Pro Drum Shop founder Bob Yeager in front of the store in the early ‘60s

The Beat Goes On at “Wrecking Crew” Hangout Pro Drum Shop

The 56-year-old music shop keeps rocking

"All Things Must Pass," the upcoming documentary about Tower Records by Colin Hanks and Sean Stuart, features Robert Landau’s 1980 nighttime photo of the iconic record store from his book, "Rock ‘N’ Roll Billboards."

The Legendary Past and Celluloid Future of Tower Records on the Sunset Strip

A Q&A with Colin Hanks about his new documentary, All Things Must Pass

Alison Martino and Dick Cavett on the set of “Hellman v. McCarthy”

A Chat with Dick Cavett

The former talk show host on being friends with Groucho Marx and pissing off a literary lioness

Scene It Before: L.A. on Screen


Scene it Before: The Lovell Residence from Apollo 13

The astronaut lived in Northridge in the 1995 hit, which is being celebrated at the TCM Classic Film Festival


Scene it Before: The Hudson St. Home for Girls from Annie

The “New York” orphanage that Daddy Warbucks rescues Annie from can actually be found in Burbank


The Complete Parks and Recreation Guide to Los Angeles

Where to find 21 of “Pawnee’s” most memorable locales in L.A.

Time Frame

THE JIM HENSON COMPANY, 1416 N. La Brea Ave., Hollywood.
Elapsed Time: 97 years

Time Frame: Charlie Chaplin Studios, 97 Years Ago and Now

When the Jim Henson Company bought a former film studio in 1999, it dressed a statue of Kermit as the Little Tramp in honor of the lot’s founder

Church of the Good Shepherd, 505 N. Bedford Dr., Beverly Hills. Elapsed Time: 64 years

Time Frame: Church of the Good Shepherd Then and Now

In 1950, 18-year-old Elizabeth Taylor married hotel scion Conrad Hilton Jr., who was 23, in Beverly Hills

1633 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica.
Elapsed Time: 61 years

Hot Dog on a Stick, Then and Now

See how the seaside snack stop has changed since 1953