Are We All Suffering From the Truman Show Effect?

You aren’t on a reality show. So why does it feel like you are?

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West 3rd and North K Street, San Bernardino

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Scene it Before: Ulysses S. Grant High School from Saved by the Bell

A Van Nuys high school stood in for Zack and the gang’s junior high in the series


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Robin Williams hosted marriage counseling sessions at Long Beach’s oldest bar in the 2007 rom-com


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The Magic Mountain staple—and frequent onscreen star—is set to close this week

Time Frame


Battery Barlow-Saxton Then and Now

The decommissioned army station in San Pedro has a star-studded history


The Los Angeles Sanitarium Then and Now

What is now City of Hope once housed those afflicted by tuberculosis


La Belle Tour Then and Now

The French Normandy-style apartment complex was once a waystation for aspiring actors