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DispL.A. Case

Vintage Los Angeles


Clifton’s Cafeteria: A Piece of L.A. History Restored for a New Generation

Its unapologetic kitschiness just seems to transcend time

Rodney Bingenheimer

It’s All Happening! Rodney Bingenheimer’s Long Gone ’70s-Era Disco Returns

An art installation revives one of the most glamorous clubs to rock the Sunset Strip

Elvis Presley

The Man Who Dressed Elvis Presley

How New Yorker Sy Devore became Hollywood’s swankiest tailor

Scene It Before: L.A. on Screen

A screen grab from "Phantasm IV: Oblivion"

Scene It Before: The Hanging Tree from Phantasm

A picturesque Agoura Hills tree makes a brief appearance in the 1979 cult horror classic


Scene It Before: The Palace Theatre from Scandal

Olivia Pope and her fellow gladiators report to work each day at a historic DTLA theatre

Clifton’s Cafeteria

Scene It Before: Clifton’s Cafeteria

The iconic eatery reopening next week has appearances in Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, and Gangster Squad on its resume

Time Frame


Time Frame: The Factory Nightclub 45 Years Ago and Today

In 1970, Monkees singer Davy Jones used it as the setting for a marketplace he founded for local craftsmen

Hall of Justice

Time Frame: The Hall of Justice 66 Years Ago and Today

Notorious criminals—among them Bugsy Siegel, Sirhan Sirhan, and Charles Manson—passed through the downtown building’s corridors

QUEEN MARY 1126 Queens Hwy., Long Beach
Elapsed Time: 66 years

Time Frame: the Queen Mary 66 Years Ago and Now

Back when the ship roamed the seas, teenagers worked as the bellhops, including this uniformed group setting sail for three months in 1949