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Spectacular! Spectacular! Free Night On Broadway Brings On the Theatrics

Long Shuttered Movie Palaces Reopen for a Wild Night Downtown and You’re Invited


More Than Half of L.A. Lyft Drivers Are Aspiring Hollywood Types

The ride-sharing app released that nugget and threw a bash for their drivers in Hollywood

Motor Map of Southern California

CityDig: This Map Made L.A. Look Dreamy During the Depression

This 1932 map depicts L.A. as an Eden with palm trees even if it was anything but

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Scene It Before: L.A. on Screen

Los Altos apartments in "Transparent"

Scene it Before: Los Altos Apartments from Transparent

Gaby Hoffman lives in a historic Windsor Square building on Amazon’s Golden Globe-winning series

A screen grab from "Gone Girl"

Scene it Before: Beso Hollywood from Gone Girl

The Eva Longoria-owned hot spot makes a brief appearance in the 2014 thriller, which was released on DVD this week

A screen grab from Back to the Future Part II

Scene it Before: Marty’s House from Back to the Future Part II

The El Monte residence McFly calls home in 2015 looks a bit different in real life than what was predicted onscreen

Time Frame

Church of the Good Shepherd, 505 N. Bedford Dr., Beverly Hills. Elapsed Time: 64 years

Time Frame: Church of the Good Shepherd Then and Now

In 1950, 18-year-old Elizabeth Taylor married hotel scion Conrad Hilton Jr., who was 23, in Beverly Hills

1633 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica.
Elapsed Time: 61 years

Hot Dog on a Stick, Then and Now

See how the seaside snack stop has changed since 1953

Regency Village Theatre, 961 Broxton Ave., Westwood. Elapsed Time: 63 years.

Time Frame: Fox Village Theatre 63 Years Ago and Now

You might know it better as the Regency Village Theatre