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Vintage Los Angeles

Case Study House #22

We Grew Up in Case Study House #22

Bruce and Shari Stahl on living in the most famous midcentury modern home in the world

Pink Pussycat

An Education in L.A.’s Long-Closed College of Striptease

Women learned “the fundamentals of taking it off”—and danced for the Rat Pack—at the Pink Pussycat

Beverly Hills Library

Remembering Beverly Hills’ Magical Public Library

The midcentury oasis for reading was replaced more than 25 years ago

Scene It Before: L.A. on Screen

Battle Creek

Scene it Before: Battle Creek‘s Police Station

A Highland Park Historic-Cultural Landmark masks as Battle Creek PD on the recently-canceled series

The Perfect Strangers

Scene it Before: The Perfect Strangers Apartment Building

Though set in Chicago, Balki and Larry’s TV home can be found in DTLA

Time Frame

The Egyptian Theater

Time Frame: The Egyptian Theater 91 Years Ago and Now

In the 1920s, the Egyptian came up with a number of preshow rituals to entertain its guests


Time Frame: The Culver Hotel 88 Years Ago and Now

The ornate building was home to Oz’s Munchkins during the making of The Wizard of Oz

THE JIM HENSON COMPANY, 1416 N. La Brea Ave., Hollywood.
Elapsed Time: 97 years

Time Frame: Charlie Chaplin Studios, 97 Years Ago and Now

When the Jim Henson Company bought a former film studio in 1999, it dressed a statue of Kermit as the Little Tramp in honor of the lot’s founder