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DispL.A. Case

Vintage Los Angeles

Coffee Shop

Remembering Ships, L.A.’s Out-of-This-World Coffee Shops

The small chain was a place you could go when your dollar was low

Joan Jett photographed by Brad Elterman in one of the motel rooms at the Tropicana. “I will never forget this photo of Joan,” he says. “I knew when I took it that it was something special. The setting, the TV with the coat hanger antenna, and, of course, my muse, Joan."

The Tropicana Motel’s Totally Rocking Heyday

Joan Jett and the Ramones checked in and out of the West Hollywood hangout. Tom Waits called it home


Clifton’s Cafeteria: A Piece of L.A. History Restored for a New Generation

Its unapologetic kitschiness just seems to transcend time

Scene It Before: L.A. on Screen

The Whisky

Scene It Before: The Whisky a Go Go from Wicked City

The legendary Sunset Strip landmark plays itself in the new ABC series


Scene It Before: The Sanderson House from The Grinder

A picturesque Altadena residence stars as Fred Savage’s Idaho home on the new Fox series

Get Away with Murder

Scene It Before: The How to Get Away with Murder Castle

A historic La Canada Flintridge mansion figures prominently in the current season of the hit ABC show

Time Frame

The Beverly Hilton

Time Frame: The Beverly Hilton 58 Years Ago and Now

The hotel’s famous catering manager, Fred Hayman, was unimpressed with Conrad Hilton’s modernist venture when he came to work at the Hilton in 1954


Time Frame: Hollywood Plaza 46 Years Ago and Today

TV host Joey Bishop was photographed strolling down Vine Street with his sidekick, Regis Philbin, in 1969


Time Frame: The Factory Nightclub 45 Years Ago and Today

In 1970, Monkees singer Davy Jones used it as the setting for a marketplace he founded for local craftsmen