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DispL.A. Case

Vintage Los Angeles

Wilcox, south of Hollywood Boulevard

Nancy Sinatra Talks “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” on the Eve of Its Golden Anniversary

The hit song that inspired a generation of women to “start walkin'” turns 50 tomorrow


The Contributor Q&A: Alison Martino

She transports readers back in time with Vintage Los Angeles, her biweekly CityThink column about L.A.’s bygone legends

Frank Corrente and Harry Connick Jr. in 1992

How Frank Corrente Became L.A.’s Cadillac King

The celebrity car salesman behind Frank Corrente Cadillac Corner on his more than 50 years in the business

Scene It Before: L.A. on Screen

Classic Uncle Jesse.

Scene It Before: The Confusion Over the Fuller House House

The San Francisco residence from the original show was reconstructed on the Warner Bros. backlot for the reboot, but does not actually appear on the series


Scene It Before: The Wonder Years Neighborhood

A sleepy Burbank community portrayed the Anywhere, U.S.A town where Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper grow up

Time Frame

Photograph by Dustin Snipes. Inset: Earl Leaf courtesy of Michael Ochs archive/Getty Images

Time Frame: Hollywood’s Capitol Records Building 59 Years Ago and Now

Actress Joan Broadshaw poses with her toy poodle in front of the then-newly completed landmark


Time Frame: Malibu’s Paradise Cove 54 Years Ago and Today

Remember the Pendletones? Neither do most Beach Boys fans. That was the group’s name early on—a nod to the flannel shirts the heart-throbs were fond of wearing, as they did at this session with photographer Ken Veeder


Time Frame: Warner Grand Theatre 81 Years Ago and Now

The movie house was the first in the South Bay designed to accommodate the talkies