john duran mayor misconduct

WeHo’s Mayor Blames #MeToo for a Rush to Judgment Against Him

Accused of misconduct and urged to resign, John Duran wants an investigation into the truth
homeless typhus los angeles

How the Homeless Ended Up Being Blamed for Typhus

“It is easy to blame folks who are unhoused," one advocate says
gavin newsom california national guard border state of the state address

Gavin Newsom Says the Situation at the Border Is a “Manufactured Crisis”

The governor is pulling California National Guard troops

Pile In: The José Huizar Corruption Scandal Is Going to Be a Bus Tour

Esotouric is planning an oddessy through the shadier side of City Hall
westwood neighborhood council ucla

How UCLA Students Fought for—and Won—the Right to Shape Westwood’s Future

Long alienated from the neighborhood advisory process, students and allies have affordable housing in their sights
jeff bezos nude pics national enquirer

The Enquirer Allegedly Threatened to Publish Nude Pics of Jeff Bezos–and Bezos Clapped Back

"If in my position I can’t stand up to this kind of extortion, how many people can?"
katie hill st. francis dam

New Congress Member Katie Hill’s Very First Bill Commemorates a California Tragedy

The millennial is giving constituents a history lesson
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The Agony of Being a Trump in the Trump Era

We asked a bunch of people who share a last name with the president if it sucks—it sure does
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Here’s How Hollywood Money Is Stacking Up for the 2020 Candidates

Kamala Harris may be ahead in the fundraising race, but she’s not the only candidate courting celebs
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Would Kamala Harris Make a Good President? Men Apparently Need the Most Convincing

Surprise! There's a gender gap among people who think the female senator would make a good president