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Your Guide to Steaming This Year’s Oscar-Nominated Films

Time for an awards-worthy binge sesh
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Movies About Women Lead This Year’s Oscar Race

Still, the overwhelmingly male Academy shut out female directors altogether
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Both Fyre Fest Documentaries Have Issues (but, Yeah, We’re Obsessed Anyway)

Following the money and methodologies of Netflix and Hulu’s competing films
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The Last Time the Oscars Didn’t Have a Host All Hell Broke Loose

A look back at a blow-by-blow of the very cringey, sort of fabulous 1989 Academy Awards
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If The Favourite Is Any Indication, Olivia Colman Is Going to Rule on The Crown

As Claire Foy steps down as Queen Elizabeth II, a new actress usurps the throne
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A Brief History of What’s Now the New Beverly Cinema

From chocolate factory to porn palace to repertory movie heaven, a look back at the history of Quentin Tarantino's New Beverly Cinema
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L.A. Has a Horror Academy and It’s Returning for Another Semester of Classes in On-Screen Scares

The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies is a genre buff’s dream school
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How Green Book Stacks Up Against the Race-Relations Movies of the Era In Which It’s Set

From The Defiant Ones to In the Heat of the Night, cinema hasn't always approached race with subtlety