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Best of LA 2011

We dined and drank and shopped. We climbed and biked and paddled. We stretched and meditated, got massaged, and purified our skin. We made travel plans and prettified our gardens. Now it's your turn to have fun

  • (food+drink)

    Food trucks roll on, and butchers have become the new celebs. Pig's ears and pate take center stage. And there's always a crowd for local brews and imported scotch.

  • (shops)

    Boutiques celebrate L.A. designers and British wares. The home office grows up along with the home tabletop. And posh goodies go to the dogs.

  • (health+beauty)

    Workouts start early in the a.m. or maximize the burn. Meditation moves online. Massages embrace an ocean view. And the bikini wax loses the ouch.

  • (play)

    Anyone can learn to box or stand-up paddle. Happy hour lasts all night, while the banquet hall cake is free. And one club dj proves he can rock any house.

  • help

    Vintage windows and designer shoes get the royal treatment. Stray cats gain an advocate and travelers a global guide. And now you can own a ruscha.

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