Big Shots: Piolín


In the fourth episode of “Big Shots With Giselle Fernandez,” our short video series featuring business leaders and culture shapers from around the globe, Fernandez sits down with Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo, the L.A.-based Univision Radio personality whose large following makes him one of the most influential Latinos in the world. Why is the divide between L.A.’s white and Mexican-American communities so great? Piolín isn’t sure, but he offers more than one solution to bridge the gap.

Here are a few highlights from the conversation:

  • Piolín says the best way for Latinos to shine a light on their community is to “keep working hard. And be grateful. When somebody gives you an opportunity at work or at school, be grateful every day to that person.”
  • Piolín also discusses his decision to confront President Obama about the lack of immigration reform during the President’s first term when he appeared as a guest on Piolín’s radio program. “I have a big responsibility,” says Piolín. “I had to be honest.”
  • He says L.A.’s city council should do more to engage the area’s Spanish-speaking population. Why? “Because it’s going to help the city. It’s going to help everybody in the community. [But] it’s not only their job. We need to do our part, too.”

Take a look:

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  • James Robert Reade

    In Anaheim, Latino parents must accept responsibility for their children and sign them up for Cops4Kids Activities and Boys and Girls Club. The overwhelming domination by Latino gang members in Summer of 2012 in Anaheim was inexcusable. Hispanics in Los Angeles are generally authentic. In Anaheim, they are ungrateful and have no respect for democracy. And now they are scheduled for July 21st to join the Communist Party of Los Angeles and hold riots in Anaheim. Why not re-direct that energy into demonstrating against their own gang members. James Robert Reade.