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    Melton came to Los Angeles magazine as a senior editor in 2000, became executive editor in 2002, and was named editor-in-chief in 2009. She has overseen the magazine’s theme issues, edited features and service stories, written personality profiles and popular culture pieces, and directed the launch of the magazine’s Web site, Under her leadership, Los Angeles won two National Magazine Awards in 2011 from the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME)—for General Excellence and Feature Writing—the first in the magazine’s history. Two more ASME nominations followed in 2012. Prior to Los Angeles, Melton was an editor and writer at the Los Angeles Times Magazine, from 1995 until 2000. She began her journalism career as an intern at the L.A. Weekly, where she was later appointed managing editor. A fourth-generation Angeleno and a graduate of Hollywood High School, Melton holds a degree in history from UCLA. Follow her @MaryMeltonLA.


Silent Summer

Time After Time

Divine Wisdom

Morning Edition

Several years ago the magazine began hosting breakfast conversations with Angelenos of interest. At my invitation Read more...

Big Shots: Eric Garcetti, Part One

In the first of a five-part episode, Los Angeles Editor-in-Chief Mary Melton speaks candidly with Mayor Eric Garcetti about disaster preparedness and the issues that keep him awake at night Read more...

L.A. to Taos

Sometimes the best road trip of all starts in a train car. taking the scenic route to New Mexico Read more...

Walk This Way

A Well-Written Life

Regrets, I Have a Few

I don’t spend much time at sea—like, practically none—but I am an explorer. A few years ago, while driving back from a dinner at the old-school Dal Rae steak house in Pico Rivera, I pointed to the Commerce Casino and said to my husband, “We gotta go there at least once, right?” Read more...

Quake Hold

When I’m traveling and I tell someone I’m from L.A., I brace myself for the inevitable question: “Aren’t you afraid of earthquakes?” Of course I am. When you’re nice and cozy beneath the covers and suddenly your bed frame shakes you awake and you’re re-creating a scene from The Exorcist, it’s freaking terrifying. Read more...

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