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Location Scout

It’s Lori Balton’s job to take in the scenery and bring it to the big screen Read more...

Project Remix Panel Looks at Customized Figurines

More than 80 artists from seven countries were invited to customize vinyl models inspired by Uglydolls, those quirky-cute stuffed animals that Giant Robot’s West L.A. store helped popularize. Read more...

Documenting Dummies: Matthew Rolston's New Photo Book

Photographer Matthew Rolston has shot pop stars, supermodels, and hundreds of leading ladues, but for his latest project, he turned his lens on subjects who were a little less lively and a lot more stiff: ventriloquist's dummies. Read more...

Green Piece

Though Los Angeles has an abundance of large, mountainous areas, our neighborhood park spaces are scarce. The city council recently approved a pilot program to convert underutilized concrete. Here’s El Sereno Street Plaza, the first of four spots. Read more...

Ice Ice, Baby: A Roundup of L.A.'s Ice Rinks

Aside from apocalyptic disaster movies, we rarely see snow in sunny Los Angeles. That doesn't mean we can't bring winter to us. This is Hollywood. If Tobey Maguire can become an action hero and Denise Richards can play a nuclear physicist, then we can have ice rinks with nary a snowflake in sight. Grab a friend, a thermos of hot chocolate, and an adventurous spirit as you become a blade runner -- not like a futuristic detective who hunts down renegade robots, more like Kristi Yamaguchi.  Read more...


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