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Keizo Seki, the sushi master who made L.A.’s Japanophiles swoon with his ultratraditional meals at Sushi Zo in Palms, has opened another raw fish respite, this time downtown. Read more...


Whether it’s pizza or Billy Crystal, Hollywood loves a good NYC transplant. The latest is Rao’s, a West Coast outlet of East Harlem’s 117-year-old Italian restaurant Read more...

Around L.A. In 80 Cuisines

When it comes to its variety of international eats, L.A. is peerless. From Singaporean skewers to flaky Serbian Pastries, you can explore just about every country’s cuisine without crossing the county line. Grab your passport (and your appetite) and join us for the trip Read more...

Where To Fish for Deals on Sushi

Cheap sushi isn’t an oxymoron (or a health hazard). These four spots nail the quality-to-price ratio. Read more...

L.A.’s Most Bodacious Over-The-Top Sushi Rolls

These rockin’ rolls may not be bona fide, but they’re proof that sometimes more is more Read more...

A Koreatown Guide to Kimchi

Former Angeleno Lauryn Chun’s The Kimchi Cookbook comes out November 27, with recipes for funky fermentations with cabbage, squash, and more. In the meantime, here’s where to taste up some of L.A.’s best. Read more...

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