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Author Chelsea Stone

  • Chelsea Stone


Film Forum

The Cinerama Dome, home to the vintage wide-screen Cinerama format (think of it as the IMAX of its day), turns 50 on November 3. In honor of the iconic theater, which was renovated by its ArcLight Cinema owners in 2002, we take a closer look under the lid Read more...

Don’t Be A Weiner: Safeguarding Your Sexy Pics, E-Mails, And Videos

Danger may be your middle name, but don’t let it become an Internet punch line. Deploy a few of these digital tricks to keep your stuff safe Read more...

Tune Up: A Sexy Playlist For Your Aural Pleasure

Kara Lane and her crew of music consultants at Amoeba Music share their steamy selections Read more...

My LA To Z: Thor Freudenthal

From French bistro to German tavern, the Berlin-born director gives us ten places he considers the best (and wurst). Read more...

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