What’s Hiding in L.A.

It’s true: You’ve only been scratching the surface. L.A. is packed with stuff just waiting to be discovered, from secret gardens to under-the-radar shops to haunting relics. Let the epiphanies begin

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  • Hidden Vestiges

    Hunting for history in a region known for burying its treasures

  • The Basics

    Hidden Shopping

    A real find is that much sweeter when it’s at a place none of your friends have heard about

  • Earthquake Maps

    Hidden Outdoors

    A sampling of what has been assembled by scientists

  • Ready to Rumble

    Hidden Food & Drink

    Confections, cocktails, and cafés that are worth the hunt

  • Watch the Waves

    Hidden Culture

    From an eye-opening cemetery to a jaw-dropping dinosaur den to a house of Duesenberg worship, let the horizon broadening begin

  • mannystasteoff

    Hidden Green Spaces

    In need of a quick dose of R&R? There’s a shady garden with your name all over it

  • Ready to Rumble

    Hidden Artifacts

    One of life’s lessons is always moving on…but let us not forget these L.A. treasures of the past.

  • The Basics

    Geocaching in L.A.

    It’s a way to explore L.A. and learn a little history at the same time. Buckle up!

  • Ready to Rumble

    Discover L.A. In A Day

    To help you get going, we’ve designed four day-long itineraries organized by area. Let the adventures begin.











Photographs courtesy (in order): (1) Dave Lauridson, (2) Dave Lauridson, (3) Dave Lauridson, (4) Dave Lauridson, (5) Dave Lauridson, (6) Dave Lauridson, (7) designhistorytimeline.info, (8) www.wonderoftech.com

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  1. Brian McN

    May 3, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    LA is definitely a great place for tourists, especially if someone who actually knows LA can guide them.