The Power Playbook for Getting Fit In L.A.



Photographs by Gregg Segal

    • top10Mex

      Let’s Go You Can Do this! C’mon! You Are Gonna Give Me 5 more!

      With enough time, money, and sweat, can you achieve an ideal body? Amy Wallace answers that all-too-burning question


    • spanglicious

      How to Get Off the Couch

      Solutions to the problems keeping you out of the gym


    • borderguard

      4 Ways To Kick It

      Take the pebble from my hand, grasshopper, and be badass


    • kitchenstars

      Class Acts:

      Barre: Why Yes, Plies
      Spinning: Wheels on Fire
      CrossFit: Hell’s Bells

    • hola

      3 Workouts To Try at Work

    • agave

      Step by Step: Even More Workouts!



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