Street Art

Everything you need to know about street art in Los Angeles, from who is doing it to the street corners (and galleries) where you can see it now



  • chinesefoodTH

    Novel Graphics

    Artists hungering for an audience have transformed the city’s intersections into a string of sooty drive-thru galleries. Some images bring a smirk; others perplex


  • SesameStreetTh

    L.A., Meet Your Artists

    Street art in Los Angeles is ubiquitous—the artists who create it, not so much. Local poster artist Robbie Conal helps us make the necessary introductions


  • TeaTh


    This summer artists known for working on the streets are taking their talents indoors. These gallery exhibitions of street art are popping up around town


  • WestwardHoTH

    At Home With Robbie Conal

    The local artist offers a tour of his modern art filled home and studio


  • WestwardHoTH

    Street Fight

    As gallery interest in street art grows, the debate continues over what street art is and how it affects communities. We asked an art history professor, the executive director of Los Angeles’s Department of Cultural Affairs, a street artist, and the LAPD to weigh in



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