We hit the dance floor, drank our weight in Sazeracs, and stayed up till dawn to find out what L.A. offers after dark (hint: bars are just the beginning). Go on, blow off some steam—and your bedtime

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Photographs by Rennie Solis & Dustin Snipes


  • Dance

    Jump, twist, grind, repeat. L.A.’s coolest club nights are hopping



  • Drink

    So many toasts, so little aspirin. Pick your poison at one of L.A.’s best new bars



  • Listen

    Not the stage-diving type? These music venues might change your mind


  • The Perfect Night Out

  • Culver City

    Sip from a rotating selection of 36 craft beers at one of the communal tables fronting Father’s Office 2.0…



  • Burbank

    It can be tough finding an evening activity that appeals to adults and kids…



  • Santa Monica

    Kick off the evening with a glass of wine while perched atop the new and improved…


  • All Ages

  • Downtown

    When the workday winds down, this multifaceted neighborhood revs up. Here are the places to hit, whether you’re cutting class or cutting loose



  • Hollywood

    Think you’ve outgrown this nightlife capital? We surveyed what’s out there and disoveredd haunts that’ll please the most fickle fun seekers


  • PLUS:

  • Pre-Bedtime Bites

    Why skimp on flavor at 4 a.m.? From killer prawns to spicy bulgogi, these meals inspire



  • Break A Sweat

    How to heat up when the sun sets—and still keep your clothes on



  • Make it a Double

    Naomi Schimek demonstrates how to make two seasonal cocktails with farm fresh ingredients



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