Hot in the City

Real people, cool places, and endless opportunity—a guide to getting it on in Los Angeles

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Photograph by Cedric Angeles

Damn, Los Angeles is looking good.
Seriously, our city is in its prime. Sex—or at least that exquisite feeling of sexual possibility—is everywhere, giving off a new kind of allure. There are the hyperlocal hookup tools, like Meetup and Grindr, that have made the formerly fractured town feel like one big cocktail party. But there’s more to it than that. A rich restaurant scene has made for better date nights, and the city’s evolving public spaces have a palpable mojo: new parks, an expanding Metro, and an ambitious bike culture (CicLAvia? Hubba-hubba). Consider this a jump start to enjoying L.A.’s peak. It’s here when you’re ready—no rush.



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