Farm to Table

L.A.’s farmers’ markets supply us with organic beets, free-range chickens, and within a sprawling metropolis, a sense of community. Go remind yourself that carrots don’t grow in snack packs, and celebrate with us the market’s bounty in all its forms


Farm Table

L.A.’s farmers’ markets lost their aura of humble simplicity long ago. Today the peas and pumpkins, the rutabagas and Russian kale often as not flaunt their pedigrees, and chefs made famous on TV compete for heirloom beans alongside amateur home cooks. For many Angelenos, two of the world’s most enviable markets are within cart-rolling distance of their kitchens: Santa Monica’s Wednesday market is celebrating its 30th birthday this year, and the Sunday Hollywood market now rivals its western neighbor in both size and scope. Here we point you in the direction of our favorite vendors at the Big Two and beyond. Grab your reusable tote and cue your salad spinner. We’re going on a genteel hunt for provisions

Farm Table

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