Be A Tourist in Your Own Town

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a city is with the fresh eyes of a visitor


In the stories that follow, we tell you which attractions are worth your time, take you on the ultimate drive, make stargazing easy, get foodie tips from Parks and Recreation‘s Aziz Ansari, and much more

  • Top 15 Tourist Destinations

    Top 15 Tourist Destinations

    Millions visit these places every year—should locals, too? Chris Nichols separates the reputation from the reality at the most heavily trafficked sights in town


  • 12 Tips for Doing Disneyland like a True Mouseketeer

    12 Tips for Doing Disneyland like a True Mouseketeer

    How to thrive—not just survive—at California’s most visited attraction


  • Take Your Seats, Please

    Take Your Seats, Please

    Celebrity homes, crime scenes, cutting-edge cuisine—whatever you fancy, tour guides will take you there


  • The Scenic Overlook

    The Scenic Overlook

    Getting the most out of L.A.'s most famous stretch of road


  • 7 Circles of Celebrity Hell

    7 Circles of Celebrity Hell

    Wanna see someone famous? Start from the outside and work your way in


  • King Taco

    King Taco

    Aziz Ansari, star of NBC's Parks and Recreation and possibly the hungriest man on Twitter, reveals his favorite eateries


  • Cruising the Boulevard?

    Cruising the Boulevard?

    Duck into these nightspots


  • Your Room Is Ready

    Your Room Is Ready

    Vacation, staycation, anycation—there's a hotel for every occasion in L.A.


  • PLUS:

  • Skip This, Do That

    Skip This, Do That

    Deciding between L.A.'s famous attractions just got easier


  • Tidbits From…

    Tidbits From…

    Travel advice from a maitre d', a lifeguard, a boat captain, and a concierge


  • The Out-of-Towners

    The Out-of-Towners

    At Venice Beach we talk to 6 of the 25.7 million tourists who visit L.A. every year



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