Where’s Chris? 11/5/12


Hello friends! Your Ask Chris columnist here. I’ve been poking around L.A. County and spotted this neat place. Where was I? Be the first to guess correctly and win a one-year subscription to Los Angeles magazine for yourself or a friend. Post your answer in the comments section (and please include your email on the form so that I can reach you) then come back to see where I’ve been

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  • Sy Cophant

    Junior’s Deli!

  • Ask Chris

    Nope, not a deli and not Junior’s. This place has a history that dates back about 20 years before Junior’s. Please try again.

  • Gregorio

    It seems to me that Chris is at the classic late 1940s Dupar’s on Ventura Boulevard…..

  • Gregorio

    Dupar’s Studio City

  • Ask Chris

    Gregorio wins a slice of pie! Actually he wins a subscription to Los Angeles magazine, but we encourage him to go enjoy the gooseberry, rhubarb or banana cream pies at historic Du-Par’s on Ventura Blvd. Mr. DUnn and Mr. PARsons opened their first restaurant at the Farmers Market in 1938. This store in Studio City opened about a decade later. Today, the chain is owned by the family that once operated Tiny Naylor’s restaurants. See you next week!