Where Did Denny’s Come From?


I recently wrote about the origin of Denny’s restaurants in my Ask Chris column in Los Angeles magazine. During my research I met a lot of neat folks and learned much more than could fit in the print edition. I loved the story of two guys in Lakewood who knew nothing about food or restaurants opening up a donut shop which would evolve into Denny’s and change the way America eats. That first little shop has been gone for a long time, but I wanted to know where it came from and investigate the hidden history and humble origins of America’s largest coffee shop chain. 


Photograph courtesy www.imommies.com

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  • Tiffney

    Great video and amazing photos from Danny’s/Denny’s history, thanks for unearthing the story!

  • PPjqScCuou

    Chris, this was an excellent and condensed overview of Danny’s-Denny’s and I congratulate you on this achievement. Marc Wanamaker

  • Jim Poper

    Chris, this is a great story on the history of Denny’s! The interviews, information and even the music really capture the feel of the era. Thanks for giving my dad Richard Poper and his partner Bill Lockett credit. As architects, they both helped design and build the fabric of the Lakewood and Long Beach area. My dad was proud of his work and felt very connected to the community. Thanks again, Jim