Video Village With Ask Chris: Happy Birthday Gary Owens


Here’s wishing a big happy birthday (and Merry Christmas) to one of L.A.’s vocal legends – the almighty voice of Space Ghost – the great and powerful Gary Owens. I could listen to an endless loop of Gary, Vin Scully, and Art Laboe reading the L.A. phone book. Cup your hand over your ear and enjoy his wacky 1970s sound check from KMPC.

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  • K.M. Richards

    This is the Christmas Preparation H commercial which Gary is famous (or perhaps infamous) for. If this had happened to any other radio personality, the natural tendency would have been to be glad it was past and move on; not so our Mr. Owens, who had the commercial pulled from KMPC’s logger tape and preserved for posterior … er, um, posterity. For years afterward, he gleefully played it once a day on his show every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and even guested on Roger Carroll’s program one evening to talk about it.

    I know Gary and he is still Funny with a capital “F” … for Foonman.