Slideshow: OTIS MFA Open Studios


Ask Chris dropped by the open studios at OTIS yesterday and scoped out all the up-and-coming artists in the MFA program. It was nice to see all the thick, goopy, paint and three-dimensional sculptures in this all-digital world. I especially liked the dozens of perfectly balanced 2″x 4″ beams folded together to create a sculpture without nails. The exhibit was called Remnant/Record and was presented in the new graduate facilities stuffed between the traffic of Jefferson Blvd. and Ballona Creek. The art was alone and the mingling happened between an orange safety shower and Ballona Creek, with DJ Mark X. Farina’s remixing vintage tunes and  sending electronica wafting along the waterway.


Artists represented in the exhibit were: Jess Mckinley, Katy Cowan, Jamie Grace Davis, Amanda Katz, Andrew K. Currey, Eric Sarbach, Macella Gottardo, David Del Francia, Andreas Gurewich, Rory Sloan, Xiatong, Alexandra Cantle, Tamarind Rossetti, Silvia Juliana, Mantilla Ortiz, Teresa Flores, Raul Baltazar, Susan Slade, Sophia Londono, Arnar Asgeirsson, Estephany Campos, Katie Thoma, Srijon Chowdhury, Alec Egan, Marissa Johnen, Regina Herod, Angie Kim, Rebecca Tull Yates, Allison Peck, Hyung Min Rhee, Sweet Samson, Bryan Bankston, Shiva Aiabadi and Matthew Carter.



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