Slide Show: Inferior Plans For Historic Superior Market


Highland Park’s vintage 60’s supermarket might be on its way out. Superior Market on Figueroa and Ave. 45 is a highly intact googie grocer that was up for city Historic-Cultural Monument status this week. The leafy neighborhood is home to the city’s largest historic district with over 4000 landmark buildings in a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. Yesterday, Councilmember Gil Cedillo came out against the nomination, which had been supported by city staff, the Highland Park Heritage Trust and the Los Angeles Conservancy. If classic coffee shops like Pann’s and Norms are rare animals, intact mid-century supermarkets are googie Bigfoot. If they ever existed, they are now almost extinct. Nearly one thousand people signed a petition urging the council office to save the market and keep it from being remodeled in the faux Craftsman style of the glamorous Food 4 Less a few blocks away, but the councilmember told Eastsider L.A. he was “unencumbered by the past.” His actions seem to have ironically doomed the sleek building to what looks like a Styrofoam beam and plastic rock makeover.

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  • Chris Rini

    That looks like a Vons from the 1990s. If they’re planning to “wreckovate” they should try harder.

  • Steven S. Lamb

    The RESIDENTIAL craftsman styles were never within the time period considered appropriate for commercial structures. Those were generally brick or stucco faced and sort of cubistic. So this is a inappropriate use of forms done with crappy dishonest materials in a way that damages a work whose philosophy was based upon and a EVOLUTION of the Arts and Crafts movement. Total bastardization and they are spending money to glue on a fake style that is waning nd what they have now is the ascendant retro style. in other words a stupid move on ALL counts

  • brkily

    the councilmember is also, sadly, unencumbered by even reasonable intelligence. if this pathetic “remodel” is allowed to happen it will be a terrible cultural loss.

  • john

    Maybe someone can present a sample refurb that would make this supermarket work for the people who want to renovate it. The basic deal is, you are going to have to convince the Korean owners, and the Latino clientele, that Googie is cooler than something that looks like South Pasadena. Understand that this midcentury building is preserved precisely because of decades of underinvestment in the HP community – it wasn’t changed because rich people didn’t want to invest in the store. They only thought of extracting, just like they think about extracting labor from this community. So this midcentury style reminds them of this history of neglect.

    Good luck.