I want to be a busker outside the Hollywood Bowl. Can anyone claim a spot or do I need a permit?


Illustration by Jason Schneider

You apparently don’t need a permit—even for what emanates from the mouth of a sock puppet. Although L.A. County Ordinance 13.16 prohibits soliciting, the officials in charge, citing the First Amendment, tread lightly with street entertainers—provided they aren’t a nuisance. David Liebe Hart, a puppeteer and performer on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, has been warbling outside the Bowl for 28 years. “The manager likes me a lot,” says Hart, who notes he’ll move if someone complains. 


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  • http://www.playavistafm.com/ Wendy Rawady

    A good spot to busk is at the Playa Vista Farmers’ Market on Saturdays 9- 2 all year or at their night market from May 7 thru Sept. 4 – 8. Lots of foot traffic and people staying for food. Family oriented.