Cirque du Soleil Comes To San Pedro


Last night I saw blue and green animal people slinking stealthily, rainforest warriors chanting, digital water all around, and James Cameron sitting in front of me. Was I on Pandora or at the opening of the new Cirque du Soleil show? Totem, the latest performance from the Canadian art circus, has arrived at the seashore in San Pedro. The enormous WWII Victory ship parked next to the site seems tiny compared to the Grand Chapiteau, the blue and yellow tent where all the jumping and flying and so-called “evolution of mankind” takes place. Totem premiered in 2010 and joins more than two dozen Cirque shows touring around the world. The astounding acrobatics make up for the unfunny clowns (the “Italian tourist” made me cringe) but the loudest laugh came when a troupe of monkeys evolved into a suited man talking into his cell phone. This show, and others I’ve seen at Santa Monica are routinely sold out, so if you’re into this stuff, get your tickets soon, they leave briny San Pedro on November 10th. If only these crowds turned out for Iris, the ill-fated show at Hollywood and Highland…

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