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Voice Over

Where did the name Echo Park come from? Should we hear echoes?


Illustration by Zohar Lazar
Not-not-not. Any-any-any. More-more-more. City parks superintendent Joseph Henry Tomlinson chose the name because of echoes he heard during the construction of Echo Park Lake in 1892. I imagine that before it was filled with water, the rocky pit would have been a good place to enjoy your own vocal reverberations. Apparently the voices dried up once landscaping was installed and water was added. Tomlinson, an English landscape architect, was the imaginative phraseologist who also came up with “Eastlake Park” and “Westlake Park.” The lake in Echo Park is scheduled for draining and cleaning later this year. Maybe you can poke your head through the construction fence and give a shout to Mr. Tomlinson.
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