2/13 month: Yellow Pages Ads From The (213) Years: Floyd S. Lee Fireplaces


For decades, all of L.A. was united under the 213 area code. The iconic digits were easy to dial on rotary phones, and the coveted low numbers (New York’s 212 and Chicago’s 312) were reserved for big cities. I let my fingers do the walking through my collection of old L.A. phone books and found these awesome Yellow Pages ads from vintage L.A. companies still thriving in 2013.

Pokers, bellows, andirons, chenet. For something as ancient as a fireplace, there are so many ways to enhance it. The loopy neon script at Floyd S. Lee has been a warm hearth in Pasadena for 87 years. Of course they still answer that “SYcamore” phone number, and in the 1980s they added patio furniture and barbecues so you have a reason to drop in year round.

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  • Oscar

    I’m not sure of what your point was but the number was 792-2136. The exchange was Sycamore.

    When I was a child in the 50’s and 60’s our phone number was BRowning 7-7897 or 277-7988. When they introduced area codes that became 619-277-7898. The BR became 27 and they added the 619 area code.

    LA was NOT under the 213 area code based on your image of the advertisement. The local exchange was Sycamore as I mentioned before and there was no such thing as a 213 area code.

  • Ask Chris

    Hi Oscar,

    Thanks for your note. “The North American Numbering Plan” developed by AT&T assigned the 213 area code to Los Angeles in 1947. On April 15, 1956 direct dialing of long distance numbers began in Southern California. Sp-called “all numbers” dialing was phased in to Los Angeles during 1962. The San Gabriel Valley began using the 818 area code in 1984, and switched to 626 in 1997. So, the telephone number for Floyd S. Lee, which started out as SYcamore 2-2136, translated to 797-2136, or (213) 797-2136, then (818) 797-2136, and today is (626) 797-2136. Dial it and you’ll reach the nice fireplace people.

    Thanks for reading the column.