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Whole Body Method Pilates Studio

Whether the desired outcome is a therapeutic stretch or a full-body workout, the no-frills Whole Body Method Pilates Studio provides one-on-one sessions at a budget rate.

The Bare Method: Inside our Plastic Surgery Cover Story

Plastic surgery seems to be a topic everyone has an opinion on. But “The New Face and Body of Plastic Surgery” doesn’t champion or denigrate the industry’s trends. Was this topic harder than most to approach with an open mind?
Yes, particularly because I came in with my own judgment on the topic—superficial, grotesque—and had to shake that off to approach this in a fresh way. I realized plastic surgery is treated in media usually in one of three ways: endorsement, circus act, or horror story. I didn't want this to be an endorsement of plastic surgery because a list of "Best Plastic Surgeons" is not at all the editorial mission of an L.A. mag story.  I didn't want the circus act of "twins getting face-lifts!" because that's stuntwork, not journalism. I didn't want to do horror stories of surgery gone wrong, because that's just a cheap way to exploit a reader's emotions and it's an insult to their intelligence.  

Crystal Method

Illustration by Andre Carrilho I have this friend. Isn’t this the way all stories like this begin? I have this friend, and without going into...
frank meza marathon

A Record-Setting Marathon Champ Was Accused of Cheating—Weeks Later, He Was Dead

Dr. Frank Meza had found himself at the center of a media firestorm before his body was discovered in the L.A. River
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Tim Heidecker’s Album About a Not-Real Divorce Is Very Good—For Real

Right-wing trolls started a rumor that the comedian was getting divorced. So he wrote a whole album about it

Here Are the Angelenos We’re Rooting for in 2019

From podcasters to politicians, we're keeping an eye on these L.A. movers and shakers
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How the Women Who Brought Día de Los Muertos to L.A. Carry on the...

How to create an altar–and why it matters–from Ofelia Esparza and Consuelo Flores
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No, L.A. Is Not a Desert

The new book This Is (Not) L.A. takes L.A. cliches and turns them on their heads

The Story of This Drug Rehab-Turned-Violent Cult Is Wild, Wild Country-Caliber Bizarre

From forced sterilization to attempted murder by rattlesnake bite, Synanon has a wild legacy